31 Meditations To


Countdown to a new year with a new daily routine


.Join the Challenge.


Can you meditate for 31 days straight. lets do it together! 

I will Guide You!

Join me on a Powerful 31-day journey where we focus intensely on healing and the practice of integration and clearing. Active meditation focuses on training the mind to work with your subtle energy bodies. Intuitively removing and opening a connection to the higher self. 

Active meditation will change your daily life experience. We apply a  combination of Pranic, Quantum and Shamanic energy techniques.


I guide you daily, focusing on releasing blockages, breaking karmic contracts and cutting toxic energy cords. These cords are connected to our family, friends, romantic partners, colleagues even our children. Yes. Maintaining toxic cords unconsciously drains our life force through cyclical patterns of behavior and co-dependent toxic interactions. These techniques are so important in maintaining a healthy energetic hygiene. Owning your space and allowing others to own their space create conscious neutrality.



31 days..... 31 videos...31 meditations 


Start 2019 Fresh Clear and having programmed a new daily habit of Clarity and presence. 


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Couple Meditating
Lotus Pose